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Relationships Are Everything - Get to Know Their WIVES!!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

I once wrote a blog post about how to identify who’s who in the industry so you can approach them accordingly. The next step, having established your relationship, is now to develop it, and make it last.

It’s a Small Industry - Everyone Knows Everyone

I can’t stress this enough. No matter how many more rooms we add into markets, the industry doesn’t get any bigger. It’s the same group of people building it, running it, talking about it. A few new players might be coming in, but they also use the oldies as their support system so basically it’s the same group of people.

I used to have this client who I still regret to this day. Everything about them was half decent except the price. They bought advertorials, and we went out of our way to introduce them to hotels. And that was my big mistake. Thank God I was forgiven, because first of all I didn’t know it was a shitty product with shitty customer service, and secondly, apart from the advertorials, I never get any introduction fee which is something I’m very proud of. From that day I learned not to sell other people’s business, and everyone in the industry now knows to avoid this company once and for all.

A Woman’s Advantage

People said that being a young business woman helps – and I agree. I like to use my advantages where I see fit. But, playing the victim or using your sexuality to land an account is classless and tasteless. But to go a step further, I have noticed that if people’s wives, girlfriends, daughters, or secretaries like me, I get most of my things done much more easily. Intimidating another woman is never a wise choice, especially when you need her husband to sign your contract. Be nice, show her that you are not a threat, and work professionally. At the end of the day, if The Wife says “No, you can’t have another lunch meeting with WIMINTRA”, then that’s it. A good husband listens to his woman, so to avoid all the dramas and complications, always choose to work with a good husband type.

Help Me Help You

If people do well in their business, they will have budget for you. If I do well with my publication, I can also continue to support you and your events. Business, like any relationship, goes both ways.

(This is why I drink and dine in hotels)

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