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Celery Juice Challenge

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

I rode on the celery juice challenge wave for a day and gave up. It had nothing to do with its taste. Celery was fine - but, on the 2nd day I found myself with a diabolical puzzle that took the form of my juicer. Not knowing how to put these pieces of a juicer together was the last nail in my celery juice challenge coffin.

The juicer reminded me of an article about the ‘female economy’ that we did at when some women were so angry at an electrical appliance company that ran a campaign teaching women how electrical appliances functioned. The company ended up having to pull the campaign and apologize.  

When I couldn’t put the juicer together, I thought “Hell … they should teach me how to put these puzzles together, not just because I’m a woman, rather because I’m hopeless.”

There will be a lot of people like me - men, women, gays … some of us are just hopeless when it comes to these kinds of things.

I understand why some of those women were angry. Some strong women don’t want to be taught. Some of the angry women who slammed that campaign were NASA scientists, doctors, etc. They would have had to have had some sense of how electronics worked to be able to get into that kind of field, so kudos to them that they were able to land the job of their dreams.

The thing is before you get to that point, you were taught too. You were taught from your teachers, whether they were men or women. Sometimes we take things so seriously and make it all about us to the point that we forget that other people who could actually benefit from all these things are going to miss out because we get offended. Don’t kill my opportunity of learning how to use electrical appliances just because of your ego.  

When I was in the 1st grade, the teacher asked the class if we wanted her to read the exam questions to us, and I said ‘NO’ - because I could already read very well then and I didn’t want to be distracted by her and wait for the whole class. It was because I was a selfish little brat.

Yes, some of my classmates may have been slow learners - boys, girls or not, they were just slow. It wasn’t right for me however to stop the teacher giving them the opportunity to fully understand the questions - and by the way, she eventually did read them for the class. I just had to plug my ears that’s all.

(P.S. I thought it would benefit me for my exam if half of the class couldn’t read - I mean they should have been able to read by then).

For electrical appliance companies, you know women are the ones using these things, and we are made up of many types and backgrounds. Some with fake acrylic nails, some who know how electronic circuits work, some who have limited time - So make it easy for us. It doesn’t need to be in Pink - It can be black, silver whatever as long as you make it user friendly. But if you make it in Pink, I will buy it because I’m a woman … No, I’m the person who secretly likes Pink a lot.

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