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What Does It Mean to Do What ‘Makes You Happy’?

When people come to me for advice I usually end up saying ‘Do what makes you happy’ hoping to see the best decision being made based on my advice. But I actually see the opposite.

Some people take ‘Do what makes you happy’ literally resulting in short-time satisfaction but long-term damage in their life.

So what does it mean for people to ‘Do what makes you happy’

Do things that resonate to who you are

If you don’t know who you are I guess I can’t help you.

What does it mean to do things that are true to who you are? I don’t like group think, group hug, group chat, anything groupie. However, I’m a good team player if I can lead the team or have a certain degree of influence. That being said, I don’t like being in a group environment where I’m told to do things that don't add to my life and have no objectives.

Know what makes you happy and what not. Accept all the flaws and embrace them. People who know exactly who they are and know what they want are the happiest people I know.

Do things that add to your goal

What are your goals in life? Is this one thing that you are doing getting you a step closer to your goal?

If your goal in life is to be your own boss, it doesn’t mean that you quit your job and do nothing. You could benefit from being an employee and learn things that could make you better in running a business.

It is very important to set goals for yourself. If running your own business is what you want to do, you may want to set goals such as; Learn as much as you can about this business, network like hell, save as much as you can so you could invest in your business.

These small goals add to your big goals. So, do things that help you reach your goals. I have never seen anyone being unhappy about achieving their goals.

Do things for others

Every now and then, turn around and offer help. Being able to ‘Give’ is the best feeling in the world. Nobody makes it alone. I wouldn’t be where I am today without help and a lot of time it comes from strangers too.

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