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Had I ever thought of running an online magazine? No. Had I ever thought of running an online magazine for hotels? Never. Yet for some reason I’ve ended up here loving every minute of it.


When I was young, my parents would sometimes take me for a 'staycation' in a hotel, often when we had a blackout in our apartment - yes, I lived in Bangkok and there were blackouts in those days. So, hotels have always been something special for me. They have created some very beautiful memories (not counting walking out of the bathroom and seeing your parents having sex - you can't really unsee that).


I see myself more as an entrepreneur than a journalist because having graduated in Political Science, I'm not a journalist by trade but I do love writing and I do love playing the role of investigator when writing. But I also have amazing, talented writers who work for me at My role therefore is actually to get them to write! is about my life, my journey in hotels, and the people I meet in hotels: some have become good friends, some I want to punch.


Most people travel to see new destinations. I travel to see new hotels and to meet the amazing people behind them. The journey to every hotel has taught me lessons, opened doors, and closed doors, but most importantly it has made me who I am today.

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